Snow (Teen Titans)
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Author:  CWS [ Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:14 am ]
Post subject:  Snow (Teen Titans)

This forum is looking kind of bare so I thought I'd start discussion threads for some of my existing stories, along with some expanded commentary, and also encourage others to do the same. ;)

So, I'll start with the first thing I wrote when I originally began my Titans fixation...Snow.

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PDF version

This was written in the first half of 2006, was partially inspired by a dream I'd had, and a lot of very personal things I was dealing with at the time went into it...though not the sort of things people tend to assume when I say that.

I suppose I should clarify that, then, or at least try to. Hmmm...well, okay, one of the main thoughts that I took into this story was that I wanted to explore different ways of approaching the idea of pain. If you know that something is inescapable and you're tired of running from it...what else can you do with it? Can it become its own inspiration, or a source of fuel? That sort of thinking.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to explore some possible explanations as to why I thought a certain character is the way they are. :P

I think most of you here have probably already read this story, but I decided to go in chronological order, so...this must therefore be the first thread I post.

Author:  CWS [ Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Snow (Teen Titans)

Okay, this thread is very old and the story it relates to is even older. But I just remembered something about it that had slipped my mind until now, and I thought was worth mentioning.

I mentioned that I got the initial inspiration for Snow from a dream I had back in 2006. During the dream, I remember hearing a particular song, but I could never recall exactly what song it was, and spent several months trying unsuccessfully to put my finger on it.

Well, I just figured out which song it was.

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