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 Post subject: President Barack Obama finally leaves office.
PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:55 pm 
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While I am no fan of his successor, I am sincerely glad to see Barack Obama's disastrous presidency finally come to an end.

Over the course of his eight years in office, President Obama added nearly $9,335,000,000,000 to the U.S.A.'s national debt, which officially stood at $19,961,467,137,973.64 as of Wednesday (01/18/2017). That is not just the highest debt ever accumulated in American history, it is the highest in all of recorded human history. (And when you factor in the government's unfunded liabilities and entitlement programs, the real total is several orders of magnitude higher.) Yes, he had a lot of help from Congress, but as President he set the direction with his initiatives.

When Obama took office, the economy was in bad shape. His policies pretty much kept it that way. One of his first priorities, back when his party had full control of both the Executive and Legislative branches of government, was to force through a radical health coverage law that nobody wanted, causing millions of Americans to lose their existing coverage and in many cases their doctors (despite Obama's explicit and oft-repeated promises to the contrary), and eventually leading to skyrocketing premiums and health care costs.

Race relations in America actually deteriorated under Obama, and significantly, and I think his administration's divisive rhetoric on that front often served to fan the flames -- sometimes literally. And the emergence of the violent "Black Lives Matter" movement led to a dramatic and alarming rise in the number of police officers to be shot in the line of duty in the past couple of years.

But the area in which President Obama did the most lasting damage was in foreign policy and international relations. The world has arguably become a much more dangerous and violent place than it was when he assumed office in January of 2009. A few highlights:

  • The infamous "red line" Obama drew very publicly in the sands of Syria, and then allowed dictator Bashar Al-Assad to cross with total impunity.
  • His precipitous withdrawal from Iraq, squandering years of hard-fought gains toward stabilizing that country and paving the way for the rise of ISIS, which has now become the most powerful and bloodthirsty Islamic supremacist organization on the planet, and his complete failure to do anything meaningful in the way of fighting them.
  • His support for the Muslim Brotherhood's (mercifully short-lived) takeover of Egypt.
  • His appalling indifference toward the democratic "Green Revolution" in Iran, and the subsequent nuclear "deal" with the hardline Iranian regime, in which the Obama administration has, astonishingly, actively assisted the leading global financier of Islamic terrorism, and a sworn enemy of the United States, in the acceleration of their nuclear program. Not coincidentally, said sworn enemy has become increasingly belligerent toward U.S. interests during Obama's term.
  • His obsessive pursuit of normalized relations with the Castro regime, at the expense of the Cuban people.
  • And last but not least, the way he has shunned, abandoned and alienated many of America's traditional allies, such as Great Britain, France and, most especially, Israel.

During his final days in office, Obama really revealed his true colors when he abandoned Israel at the UN, and used the power of his office to pardon traitors and terrorists. I haven't even touched on the repeated and flagrant abuses of power which characterized so much of Obama's presidency (many of which I've documented elsewhere in this forum), because the things I've already covered in this post are bad enough and frankly, I'm getting tired of digging for links.

Whatever skepticism I may feel about now-President Donald Trump (and I feel A LOT), I am definitely glad to see Obama leave.

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