Macron wins French Presidency
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Author:  snowman1989 [ Sun May 07, 2017 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Macron wins French Presidency

In a moment of sanity, France has rejected extreme right-wing, neo-Nazi Lite le Pen, and has essentially voted to remain in the EU. :) That is the only good news. :( Macron is a centrist (an extreme left-wing Marxist by American standards :P ) who more than likely will represent more of the same for France over the next five years: make things as easy as possible for big business, and do nothing for France's poorest or for its stressed middle class amidst recovery from the Recession. Basically, this is the scenario where Hillary won last year in the US, and he reminds me uncomfortably of John Key; both being former businessmen along with all the baggage that entails in this day and age. The French weren't especially keen on him either, as voter turnout was at its worst since 1981, but still far better than turnout at the last US election.

Never thought I'd be thanking France of all countries for not going completely apeshit like the US and Britain. :? But I would not relax yet. The fact Le Pen got this far is frightening enough, not to mention that she now represents a significant and powerful chunk of the new French government's opposition. If the French establishment have any sense, if they choose to unstick their heads from their asses and smell which way the wind is blowing, they'll start pushing through much needed reforms to help their constituents while they have the chance. I'm very sure the French people won't be so forgiving next time, otherwise. After all, the two traditional dominant parties of France, akin to the American Republican and Democrats, were completely crushed in the first round of voting, and neither Macron nor le Pen represent the left-right divide of old.

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