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Alias: (unknown)

Height: 5'6" (speculative)

Weight: 98 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Greg Cipes

History: Adonis uses his oversized mech suit to terrorize and bully the weak. In his first encounter with the Titans, he developed a bitter grudge against Beast Boy and a perverse interest in Raven. During the ensuing battle he and Beast Boy were doused with toxic chemicals which later caused them both to mutate into a primal, bestial form. Hungry for revenge, Adonis broke out of jail -- and into Titans Tower. He mauled Beast Boy and kidnapped Raven, leading the Titans on a desperate hunt through the city. Eventually, Beast Boy successfully tracked them into the sewer system, where he unleashed his inner "Beast" to rescue Raven and, later, to defeat Adonis in savage combat. Afterwards, Cyborg administered an antidote to both of them; while Beast Boy's shape-shifting powers have allowed him to retain access to his mutant Beast form, Adonis has shown no such ability.

Powers/Abilities: Physically, Adonis is actually a skinny weakling -- when he isn't wearing his custom-built suit of powered armor. When he is wearing the suit, his size, strength and durability are drastically increased.

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