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Brother Blood

Alias: Brother Sebastian

Height: 6'3" (speculative)

Weight: 300 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: John DiMaggio

History: The megalomaniacal headmaster of the villainous H.I.V.E. Academy, virtually nothing is known about Brother Blood's personal history and background aside from that. The Titans first encountered him when Cyborg infiltrated the H.I.V.E. Academy during an investigation into their activities. Blood saw through his disguise and sought to brainwash him; when it didn't work, he developed an obsessive grudge against the cybernetic hero. This later led him to launch an attack against the newly-formed Titans East in Steel City, to mass-produce an army of Cyclone battle androids via technology he'd stolen from Cyborg, and even to alter his own body with that same technology in an ultimately futile quest to subjugate the only "student" who'd ever successfully defied him.

Powers/Abilities: Brother Blood has demonstrated clearly superhuman levels of speed, agility and strength, and that was before his cybernetic "upgrade". His martial arts prowess is almost literally unreal, he is able to teleport and generate bolts of destructive crimson energy, he can somehow deflect blasts from Cyborg's sonic cannon (possibly by generating points of opposing force) and is able to utilize a supernatural form of hypnotic suggestion to effectively control large numbers of people at will. In addition to all of this, he has augmented or replaced at least 40-50% of his body with cybernetic implants, which he claims has further enhanced his existing abilities. The fact that Brother Blood's sanity is highly questionable arguably makes him that much more dangerous.

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