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Alias: Karen Beecher

Height: 5'8" (speculative; variable)

Weight: 120 lbs. (speculative; variable)

Voice Actor: T'Keyah Keymah

History: Originally thought to be one of Brother Blood's students at the H.I.V.E. Academy, in reality Bumblebee was a double agent, secretly working with Aqualad to uncover the villain's plans. After helping Cyborg defeat her "teacher" and save Jump City from destruction, she later founded the Titans East along with Aqualad. When Cyborg declined their offer to lead the newly formed team, he nominated Bumblebee in his place.

Powers/Abilities: Bumblebee can fly and has the ability to rapidly shrink to a fraction of her original size. Her dual hand-held stingers also pack quite a punch, and she's a highly capable martial artist, to boot.

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