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Control Freak

Alias: (unknown)

Height: 5'3" (speculative)

Weight: 180 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Alexander Polinsky

History: The self-proclaimed "arch-nemesis" of the Teen Titans, Control Freak is the ultimate sci-fi nerd gone bad. In reality, any threat he has posed to the team during their periodic clashes has been minimal at best, but he continues to go out of his way to challenge them directly...much to their annoyance. In fact, given his demonstrated level of obsession with the Titans, it's entirely possible that his primary reason for turning to a life of crime in the first place was simply to get their attention.

Powers/Abilities: While Control Freak himself has no actual superhuman powers or abilities, his trademark, custom-built remote control is an entirely different story. Its capabilities border on the magical, seemingly able to selectively alter the fabric of reality at will. Using it, Control Freak is able to teleport, transmute matter, animate and control inanimate objects, transport characters from television into the real world (and vice versa), and cause people to speak different languages, among other things. The powers of Control Freak's remote control defy both logic and the very laws of physics...and that seems to be the point.

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