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Alias: Victor Stone

Height: 6'2" (speculative)

Weight: 450 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Khary Payton

History: Although both his parents were brilliant scientists, the energetic, outgoing youth who would become Cyborg was far more interested in sports, and dreamt of becoming a professional athlete. But a tragic accident would change all of that, leaving his mother dead and his own body mangled beyond repair -- at least, through natural means. In desperation, his father literally rebuilt his son with experimental cybernetic components, saving his life but at the cost of making him a hybrid of man and machine -- a Cyborg.

Powers/Abilities: More than 75% of Cyborg's body is mechanical. As a result he is many times stronger and more durable than any flesh-and-blood human. He has also added a wide array of weapons, sensors and tools to his body over time, the most prominent of these being the sonic cannons he is able to reconfigure either of his arms into at will. His body is powered by a 50,000 watt power cell which he must periodically recharge, usually while he "sleeps".

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