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Alias: Joseph Wilson

Height: 5'5" (speculative)

Weight: 155 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: N/A

History: The son of two highly trained ex-soldiers, Jericho was kidnapped as a young child by enemies of his father, who was secretly working as an infamous mercenary and assassin for hire. When he refused to meet their demands and attacked them instead, one of the kidnappers tried to slit the boy's throat. Though his father killed the man before he could finish the job, Jericho's vocal chords had been cut, leaving him permanently mute. His mother divorced his father over the incident, and raised Jericho to be a pure force for good. Even so, the other Titans are probably not aware that he happens to be directly related to one of their worst enemies...!

Powers/Abilities: Jericho has the unique ability to possess other people's bodies through eye contact. He is also a highly trained martial artist.

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