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Alias: Kole Weathers

Height: 4'10" (speculative)

Weight: 80 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Tara Strong

History: During a battle with Dr. Light in the Arctic Circle, the Titans fell through the glacial ice into an expansive cavern where a prehistoric ecosystem had been perfectly preserved, hidden from human civilization. There, they met Kole, who had discovered the cavern for herself some time earlier, and had taken refuge there after befriending a caveman named Gnarrk. Having also become fast friends with the Titans, Kole was kidnapped by Dr. Light, but was later rescued by Gnarrk and her new friends. She and Gnarrk were subsequently invited to join the team's honorary ranks.

Powers/Abilities: Kole possesses the unique ability to transform her body into an indestructible crystalline state. While in crystal form she is totally immobile, but also nearly invulnerable.

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