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Alias: Dr. Simon Jones

Height: 5'11" (speculative)

Weight: 130 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Wayne Pygram*

History: The Titans' only encounter with Psimon thus far was during their recent battle against the Brotherhood of Evil, in Paris. Psimon was one of many villains across the world who flocked to the Brotherhood's banner in their abortive bid for global domination.

Powers/Abilities: Psimon is able to create dimensional portals through which he and others can instantly travel from one location to another. He also possesses an extremely powerful range of psionic and telekinetic abilities. He is rumored to have somehow received his powers from the demon Trigon, though the purpose or circumstances of this transaction so far remain a mystery.

(*This character did not actually have a speaking role in the series, so the actor listed here is one I personally think would suit the character. -CWS)

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