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Alias: (none)

Height: 5'2" (speculative)

Weight: 105 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Tara Strong

History: Raven's mother was a confused teenager named Angela Roth, who fled an abusive home to find what she thought was love and acceptance with a group of people she met in an old church. Unfortunately, the "home" she believed she'd found was with an apocalyptic cult who were actively trying to bring about The End of the world. They summoned an exceptionally evil and bloodthirsty demon, Trigon the Terrible, who raped Angela and impregnated her with his child: Raven. Once she realized what had happened, Angela attempted suicide. But as she neared death, her situation attracted the attention of the spiritual monks inhabiting the dimension of Azarath, who took her into their fold, gave her the name of Arella, and helped her to give birth to and raise her half-demon daughter. Raven's entire childhood in Azarath was spent training herself to control her emotions, through which her father's power and influence flowed, and preparing her to fight against her prophesied destiny -- to one day become Trigon's "Gem" and his literal portal into our dimension, paving the way for The End of all life on Earth -- and beyond.

Powers/Abilities: While physically frail compared to her teammates, Raven's supernatural powers arguably make her potentially the most dangerous Titan, and by a substantial margin. She possesses a passive empathic sense which enables her to directly perceive the emotions of those around her, often to her discomfort. The full scope of her active powers has not been conclusively defined(!), and they include -- but are probably not limited to -- large-scale telekinesis, teleportation, rapid healing (for others and, to a lesser extent, herself), energy and astral projection and, occasionally, time manipulation. Raven's powers are fueled by her emotions and can be incredibly destructive, and as such she must meditate frequently to keep them in check.

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