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Red Star

Alias: Leonid Kovar

Height: 6'1" (speculative)

Weight: 225 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Jason Marsden

History: As a young soldier in the Russian army, the man who came to be known as Red Star volunteered for a series of experimental procedures to create the "perfect soldier". The experiments succeeded, but at a terrible price: his body was now dangerously radioactive, so much so that he accidentally destroyed his home town with an uncontrolled burst of radiation. As a result, he was ostracized by the very society that had created him, and confined himself to a remote and uninhabited area of the Siberian wilderness. But when a recent mission brought the Titans to his region of the world, Starfire taught Red Star that his powers were not purely destructive, but could also be used to protect those he cared about.

Powers/Abilities: Red Star's physical strength and endurance have been artificially boosted to greatly superhuman levels, but at a price: when utilizing these augmented powers, his body generates highly toxic, lethal levels of radiation. Red Star himself is immune to the effects of such radiation as a result, but it is extremely dangerous for anyone or anything else in his vicinity.

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