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Alias: Dick Grayson

Height: 5'6" (speculative)

Weight: 140 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Scott Menville

History: Of all these characters, Robin should need the least introduction. Batman's protege and the original Boy Wonder, he lost his parents to crime at the age of nine and was taken under the Dark Knight's leathery wing. But after spending the latter half of his childhood scrambling over rooftops and diving off of buildings as Batman's partner and sidekick, a growing emotional rift between the two crime-fighters led Robin to leave Gotham and set out in search of his own destiny.

Powers/Abilities: While Robin possesses no superhuman powers or enhanced abilities, he is an Olympic-level acrobat, martial artist and athlete whose body and mind have been honed from an early age by the most rigorous training and the most demanding instructor. The result of which is that, despite his young age, he is already a seasoned crime-fighter and the most logically qualified to lead the core team of Titans.

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