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Alias: Koriand'r

Height: 5'9" (speculative)

Weight: 130 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Hynden Walch

History: An alien princess from the planet Tamaran, Starfire was captured and enslaved by the Gordanians, enemies of her people. She was eventually able to escape from her captors, while the prison ship carrying her happened to be passing through our solar system. She ended up on Earth with the Gordanians in hot pursuit, and subsequent events would ultimately lead to the formation of the Teen Titans.

Powers/Abilities: Tamaraneans naturally possess a wide array of powers and physical abilities far beyond the range of humans, and contrary to what one might be inclined to think based on her appearance, Starfire is astonishingly powerful. She is able to fly and project deadly bursts of energy (called "starbolts") from her hands and eyes. She can also survive unprotected in the vacuum of space for extended periods, is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, and is actually stronger than Cyborg - and she's still an adolescent! Like all Tamaraneans, Starfire's powers are activated and influenced by her emotional state.

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