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Alias: Tara Markov

Height: 5'1" (speculative)

Weight: 85 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Ashley Johnson

History: The Titans first encountered Terra as a homeless, undernourished waif wandering the desert near Jump City, and possessing extraordinary geokinetic powers. The team (particularly Beast Boy) took an immediate liking to her and considered asking her to officially join them, though she showed some subtle signs of emotional instability and could not fully control her powers, which had the potential to be tremendously destructive. A misunderstanding led Terra to rebuff the Titans and run away again, but she returned months later, having apparently mastered her powers to a much greater degree and saying she was ready to accept their offer of membership. The team, particularly Raven, was skeptical. But after helping to repel a direct assault on Titans Tower by their nemesis, Slade, Terra was accepted into the team's ranks and officially became the sixth Teen Titan...but it was not to last. It was eventually revealed that Terra had actually joined Slade following her original meeting with the Titans, and that he had manipulated her into infiltrating the team for the purpose of spying on and destroying them from within. This ultimately led to a series of battles where Terra, acting on Slade's orders, very nearly succeeded in killing each of the Titans individually. But having narrowly survived, they were later able to regroup and mount a counterattack. At the climax of an epic confrontation in Slade's subterranean lair, Terra finally realized who her true friends really were, and sacrificed herself to kill Slade and save the city.

Some years later, Beast Boy spotted a girl attending a local high school who, to his shock, was identical in appearance to Terra. He made contact with her, but she claimed she had no idea who he was or what he was talking about. Convinced she'd somehow lost her memory and powers, he stubbornly followed her for two days, hoping she would "remember" the past, and him. But it eventually became clear that she simply didn't want to, no matter what he said or did. In the end, he respected her wishes, and left her alone.

Powers/Abilities: Terra possessed powers of geokinesis -- the ability to move and manipulate earth, sand and stone, and in truly huge quantities, by sheer thought alone. Her powers were so great that Slade, who had evidently been monitoring her prior to her first encounter with the Titans, implied she had accidentally destroyed entire towns in the past simply by losing control. The fact that she was more than a match for any of the Titans one on one -- even overpowering an enraged Raven -- with far less training and combat experience than any of them, gives some idea as to the scope of her abilities.

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