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Trigon the Terrible

Alias: Scath

Height: variable

Weight: variable

Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson

History: Trigon is an interdimensional demon feared throughout the universe since time immemorial. He is, for all intents and purposes, the DC universe's equivalent of Satan -- a pure incarnation of evil itself. He has burned, slaughtered and consumed entire dimensions in his insatiable lust for carnage, suffering and conquest. Fortunately, the walls between dimensions are not easily breached, but Trigon is patient and willing to go to nearly any length to satisfy his vile appetites. He also has devoted followers and servants, even among those he would butcher. Through the efforts of such people, and the use of dark and arcane rituals, Trigon was able to sire a child with a mortal woman...a daughter, Raven. Her very existence made Raven a physical link between multiple planes of reality, and it was through her that Trigon planned to enter and lay siege to our universe at a predestined time. That day -- The End -- did ultimately come to pass, with Raven reluctantly accepting her destined role and giving up her own life to become her father's portal into this dimension. With his coming, the Earth was transformed and all life on it came to an abrupt end -- save for the Titans, who were protected by a vestige of Raven's power and will. Raven herself was also reborn among the ashes, and was eventually found by Robin. Though the situation seemed hopeless and their struggle doomed to failure, the Titans rallied and, with the help of her friends, Raven finally stood up to her father and expelled him from our dimension, restoring the Earth and all who lived on it in the process. Only the five Titans and Slade were aware of how close the world had truly come to The End.

Powers/Abilities: Trigon is an immortal, elemental force of pure evil. His powers are nearly limitless. He is nourished by sin; pain, fear, hate and suffering sustain him. He cannot be bargained or reasoned with, and those who would do so inevitably lose their own souls in the process. He cares for nothing and no one, and he hates all that live. He can only be effectively fought on a spiritual level, as a small part of him lives in everyone, in one way or another. Though he is physically restrained from unleashing Hell itself by the barriers between dimensions, he is always, tirelessly, working to find his way through whatever cracks he can find -- or create...

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