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Wonder Girl

Alias: Donna Troy

Height: 5'7" (speculative)

Weight: 125 lbs. (speculative)

Voice Actor: Kelly Sheridan*

History: Rescued from a fire as an infant by the Titans of myth (as in, the Greek Titans!), Wonder Girl was raised and granted great power by them. Later, she was returned to Earth and adopted by the legendary Amazons on the island of Themyscira, becoming a younger sister to Princess Diana -- AKA Wonder Woman!

Powers/Abilities: Wonder Girl possesses tremendous Amazon-level (i.e. damn near Kryptonian) strength, speed and durability. She can also fly and, like her older sister, is equipped with magical, indestructible bracelets and an equally mystical golden lasso.

The image of Wonder Girl above uses an illustration by Sergio Quijada, and is used with permission.

(*This character did not actually have a speaking role in the series, so the actor listed here is one I personally think would suit the character. -CWS)

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